Big Kaiser has specially adapted the interface on the Mega New Baby chuck to ensure it connects securely and accurately to the RCD Type 9171A rotating dynamometer. As a result, customers can now achieve noticeably lower radial run-out errors.

Kistler’s Type 9171A is a piezoelectric dynamometer for use in high-performance cutting applications. The device measures forces and torques even under very high loads at speeds up to 12,000 rpm, allowing machining processes to be analysed and optimised while obtaining information on tool wear. Compared with previous dynamometer models, the Type 9171A delivers a much wider range of spindle speeds with improved dynamic properties and a significant weight reduction. The device is particularly suited to multi-component force and torque measurements on rotating tools during milling and drilling.

Big Kaiser’s Mega New Baby chuck is for diameters up to 20 mm. All Mega collet chucks have a notch-free Mega nut that prevents vibration and reduces noise levels. These chucks are tightened using a proprietary Mega wrench that can safely and evenly apply force across the entire nut periphery.